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Posted 5/15/2018 7:38:15 PM

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FUE by Dr. Baubac

Two alarming trends that are happening in today’s hair restoration world

Below are two critical questions that you need answers to before moving forward with any FUE clinic

FUE Experience

1) How long has your surgeon been doing FUE hair transplantation and FUE harvesting?

There are literally hundreds of new clinics and doctors worldwide popping up left and right trying to do FUE, rather it be strip doctors trying to now convert to FUE and have little experience doing the FUE procedure, or brand new clinics claiming they can do FUE using a NEO GRAFT Machine, ARTAS or some other device.

FUE is a delicate procedure. It is crucial when considering an FUE doctor to take in to consideration how long they have been doing FUE. How many FUE procedure have they performed?

Dr. Baubac has 10 year’s experience doing FUE. He has been doing FUE procedures only for 10 years.... There are few hair transplant doctors in this field who have been doing only FUE for every single procedure for longer then Dr. Baubac.

Physician Assistants doing FUE Harvesting

2) Is your Doctor the person doing the FUE harvesting or is a Physician Assistant or technician doing the harvesting?

It has become very common practice at a lot of FUE clinics that a Physician’s Assistant (PA) or a technician does the FUE harvesting during the procedure while the hair transplant doctor is in the other room doing consultations. Your doctor is not in the room during your procedure during harvesting.

FUE harvesting is extremely delicate and is an important aspect of your FUE outcome.

Dr. Baubac does all his own FUE harvesting to ensure the survival of each single graft and a great result.

Undergoing a Hair Restoration is a life changing decision. For such an important choice it is important to know who is performing your FUE Hair Restoration procedure.

All FUE harvesting is personally done by Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi to ensure the survival of each single graft in order to provide you with the ideal outcome for your procedure.

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