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Posted 3/17/2014 11:19:40 PM
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My hair transplant experience with the Alvi Armani team was extraordinary and, without exaggeration, the best service experience I've ever had. I had 3081 Grafts to Zones 1 & 2 (March 13, 2014) in the Beverly Hills Clinic.

One couldn't hope for a better doctor than Dr. Baubac. His expertise was obvious from the start: from his clear, detailed explanations of the science of transplantation, to his acute insight into the aesthetics of matching hairline styles to ethnicity, to his meticulous measuring and re-measuring to make sure the hairline proportions were perfect. Given the Alvi Armani reputation for excellence, I should have expected that level of mastery. What I didn't expect was Dr. Baubac's big heart.

Dr. Baubac genuinely cared, listened deeply and with real curiosity, and took much more time than he needed to in the pre-op meeting to discuss with me and my wife how we could create an ideal hairline. And by the time he penciled the final one in on my forehead, the work was so good that my wife had tears in her eyes, and said she could see for the first time in years the man she'd first met.

The rest of the Alvi Armani team was no less masterful. From Jacques' work harvesting the grafts (and making sure I was comfortable the whole time) to the superb transplant and patient care team (Stephanie, Claire, John and Ken!), who had a passion for their work that was palpable, to the thoughtful and warm folks at the front desk who took such great care of me (Jeff and Monica!) - and of course Eric, who walked me through every step of the way and answered my 1,001 questions. I've honestly never seen a better team in action. I'm honored to benefit from their amazing talents.

Only 5 days from the transplant, my hairline drops my jaw every time I walk by the mirror. It's obvious that an amazing transformation is only months away. Thank you, everyone! I cannot express my gratitude enough.

- John
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Posted 5/22/2015 6:31:39 AM
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Well it is very appreciative that you share your own experience of having the hair transplant treatment it will encourage the other people as well who are shying of hair transplant treatment...
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