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Posted 4/28/2012 3:16:33 PM

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As promised, here is my follow up and before and after photos from my procedure with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi in Beverly Hills on April 18th. I have to say first that the clinic, staff and procedure itself far exceeded my expectations in just about every way. The clinic was very easy to get to and has more a feeling of a high-end spa resort than a medical facility; it’s tastefully decorated with natural lighting and great views of the surrounding area (quite a step up from the dark office building where I had my FUSS procedure years ago, which was barely above a dank back alley by comparison). Procedure day started off early; when I got to the clinic, I was greeted by Jeff, who went over last minute paperwork and basic Q and A. I was also given a booklet of local restaurants and menus to pick out lunch, which was a pleasant surprise.

I then met with D. Baubac and his assistant Jaques for an informal overview of what to expect and any more questions I might have. I was given a comfortable cotton robe to change into and Jaques then washed and dyed my hair with a special solution he told me brings out highlights and colors to help better place the grafts. Yet another thing the other clinic didn’t do; and I’ve been told that some of my previous grafts were more obvious due to this. Once I was prepped, Dr. Baubac spent a good deal of time measuring my face and designing my hairline. I was really impressed with the amount of attention, care and skill he put into his design and when he’d finished and asked for my input, I had nothing to offer other than compliments. I also found out that Dr. Baubac and I have similar taste in music and that he’s also a big NIN fan, which led to some great conversations later in the day.

The actual operating room was exactly what you would expect; clean, efficient and filled with medical machines and supplies. I was actually given an IV, and set up on heart and blood pressure monitoring systems, all of which were missing from my procedure at the other clinic; which I thought very disconcerting in hindsight, considering how much more invasive FUSS is. At this time, I met the rest of the team, who were all very friendly, professional and genuinely concerned with my comfort and well being. I also want to point out the fact that of the six male staffers I met during my stay, all but one (including the doctor himself) had had a procedure themselves and the results were amazing. That fact alone did wonders to reinforce my confidence in the Armani clinic.

Probably the worst part of the procedure itself was the injection of the numbing agent; they have to poke the donor area and your forehead dozens of times and the agent itself burns quite a bit for a few seconds. After that, you really don’t feel a thing. I spent most of the morning and part of the afternoon on my stomach and sides in the chair, chatting with the doctor about various bands and shows while he worked on my donor area (stopping every ten minutes so I could use the bathroom, courtesy of the IV). After that, everyone broke for lunch and I was brought my order and watched TV in a private room. Very first-class treatment, if I do say so.

The majority of the day was spent making the incisions where the grafted follicles would be placed. There’s always music in the background to listen to, or if you want, a booklet of available movies to watch is supplied. They also provide plenty of snacks and juice any time you want. One thing that impressed me greatly was that when Dr. Baubac came to the grafts from my previous FUSS treatment and saw that they would obviously interfere with his new design, he immediately removed them and replaced them elsewhere. If nothing else, that alone proved to me the quality work and care I was receiving.

The final part of the day, the doctor called in his team for a meeting and outlined where the grafts would be placed. After that, it was just a matter of watching movies, eating snacks and frequent bathroom trips, as the doctor and techs worked around me.

When they were done and the procedure was finally over, I was given post-op instructions and a wash and sent in to the doctor’s office for follow up. Dr. Baubac asked me how I felt in general, gave me a bag with medications and shampoos to get me started and his personal cell number with instructions to call any time day or night (which, despite really not wanting to do, I did later that night. Apparently I’m one of the very lucky few who experience pain and nausea well after the procedure… around 11pm it felt like an entire baseball team was conducting spring training against my head and I was sure I was going to be sick.) and made sure I was set up with transportation back to my hotel.

Two of my biggest concerns, looking like an obvious out-patient and having medications confiscated by those TSA bozos, were also addressed. First of all, the cap they give you for travel is actually fairly stylish. It really kind of looks like a bandana. You can even choose the color. Much better than the obvious blue surgical scrub you go back to your hotel with the first night. And despite really really wanting to relieve me of my medications and shampoo, TSA left me alone after I waived the supplied doctor’s note in their faces fifteen times.

All in all, a very positive experience. Dr. Baubac, Jaques and the whole team are extremely personable, professional, caring and genuinely nice to be around. At just a little over a week now, the swelling in my face has gone away and I’m pretty much without head pain. The donor area seems pretty much healed; it’s still tender though and is slightly itchy and sometimes burns a little, especially after sleeping on it all night. But even with all the scabs, I already much prefer what I see every time I look in a mirror. The haircut makes me look like I just got back from Parris Island though.

The very few people privy to my adventure are very impressed with the results so far and all agree that it was the right choice to make. I’m very much looking forward to the coming months and I would like to get back as soon as possible to have Dr. Baubac fill in zone 4 and touch up 3.

Also as promised, here are a few before and after shots of 1 and 2. I had 2,200 grafts. I will be back to post updates down the line and the hair grows back.

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Posted 5/13/2012 4:40:55 PM

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Coming up on four weeks since my procedure... here are a few updated photos. The grafts have been falling out for the last few days, which I know is normal, but still kind of disheartening anyway... but as long as they all come back, who cares, right? Can't wait until all the scabs are gone though... it looks kinda like someone put cornmeal all over my scalp.

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Posted 9/30/2012 4:29:28 PM

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Ok, so I'm coming up on six months since my procedure... I have to say the difference is quite noticeable... I still have a long way to go before I'm completely happy - I was hoping my hairline would be thicker than it's turned out, so I'd like to reinforce that a bit and I really want to get my crown worked on as soon as possible too - but I think the improvement is obvious. As far as the continued healing process, I did get pimples off and on (and still do, which is irritating) and I had a few really bad boils, which took several days to completely go away. But other than that, it's been pretty smooth.

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Posted 10/1/2012 1:35:37 PM

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I can certainly see the difference. Your hairline is really starting to take shape.

At 6 months you are at about 50% growth. Your hairline will continue to thicken and you still have 4-6 months of solid growth to come.  

Continue to be patient, and enjoy your new hairline

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