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Posted 4/13/2012 8:42:24 PM

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Hello all!

I will finally be having my first procedure with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi at the Beverly Hills Armani clinic in just a few short days! This has been a major decision for me and a very long time in the making, but I am extremely excited to finally have some work done. Like some of you, I started losing my hair at a very young age and suffered through the majority of my twenties very insecure about it. And like all of you, I spent a great deal of time researching just about every possible way to slow down or stop the loss. I even had a minor FUSS procedure done several years back at a clinic that will remain unnamed… while so little was done that I can’t really criticize the results, I knew that it was something I would not do again.

I have been researching the Armani clinic and the technique used there for many years and I knew almost immediately that it was something I was interested in trying. Not only is it way less invasive (and I honestly can’t believe more clinics don’t use the FUE method), but the before and after photos on the forums simply can’t be beat. I have not found similar results ANYWHERE. Even the very few places I’ve found who also use the FUE method have paled in comparison.

One major reason I was interested in the Armani clinic, aside from the amazing results I’ve seen, was the fact that an actual certified doctor would handle the entire procedure. This may seem like a no-brainer, but at the aforementioned clinic, a doctor was only on call to perform the strip removal; the grafts were then prepared and implanted by ‘technicians’… a couple of middle-aged women, who for all I know, had no certifications whatsoever. Again, I have no major issue with the very few grafts I had done, but the results and recovery time (not to mention the scar) were totally not worth it for me.

When I submitted my photos for my free consultation at the Armani clinic, I was expecting nothing more than an email response with a quote; I was very surprised when Dr. Baubac himself scheduled a phone consultation with me personally. Dr. Baubac is about the nicest, most professional guy I’ve never met. He answered every question I could possibly have thoroughly, told me all about his background and experience as a trauma surgeon, and was very easy to talk to. It was a conversation that was so easy, I even felt comfortable joking around with him a bit. The fact that he was personally selected and trained by Dr. Armani himself, and has had procedures himself (the results of which, were of course amazing) only reinforced my convictions that this was the place for me.

And the doctor is not alone in his professionalism and friendliness; Eric, who does patient coordination and lurks around here on the forums, is also a shining example of everything positive at this clinic. My conversations with him have always felt informal, friendly and never pressured in any sense. He always answers questions in full and is ALWAYS available anytime you need him; I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than an hour or so to hear back from him during business hours. That’s pretty good for a guy you know is probably busy as heck.

I will be back here to post updates and pictures after the surgery next week, and as things progress.

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