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Posted 5/31/2011 3:53:51 PM

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Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing well. On May 23rd, I underwent my fourth hair transplant, third with Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills. The procedure was with Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi.

It was mostly to cover my zone 4, hence the pictures, and for a slight touch up in the hairline. The procedure was a relatively small one. It was for 1,153 FUE grafts. Counting my first hair transplant, which was a strip procedure of 1700 grafts at a different clinic, I have had over 9200 grafts transplanted (7590 FUE with the Armani clinic).

I decided to go back to the Alvi Armani clinic for my third procedure due to the great results that I've had with them. I couldn't be happier with the past two results. In addition, the Armani clinic had also devised a plan for my hair loss and I've been continuing through with that plan. You can see how excellent my results are in my pre op photos, especially when my head is shaven down. I was so surprised how natural and undetectable it looks. If I didn't have the strip scar, no one would be able to tell that I had a procedure of any sort.

Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi is amazing to say the least! He spent an hour with me before my procedure discussing what exactly he is going to do and answering any questions that I had. Just like Dr. Armani, he is extremely courteous and conscientous of his patients and their needs. He answered each one of my questions in detail. It is evident how much he cares for his patients. What further impressed me is how he strategically harvested my donor hair, as you will see in my immediate post op photos.

He focused primarily on the nape area and a bit on the sides. Even more impressive was the fact that after the procedure he told me should i need it, he would be able to harvest an additional 2,000 grafts in the future. The whole experience, just like my past 2 Armani surgeries was unbelievable. Dr. Baubac is such a gentleman, and he conversed with me throughout the procedure. His staff is unbelievable! Their courtesy, empathy, and willingness to do whatever it took to make me feel comfortable made the day go by so quick.

Below are my pre op photos, and my pre op shaven head photos, which really illustrate the excellent results I achieved my past 2 armani surgeries. I feel my head looks totally natural shaven down, the grafts look perfect, even with my head totally shaved! I thought these photos really illustrate how great my results are.

In addition, I will post immediate post op photos which will show the graft placement. I hope you enjoy my post and I will keep you updated as my results progress.

You will see my before photos first. Secondarily, you will see my head shaven down right before the procedure. My head shaven down shows how amazing and excellent my first two procedures went. If I ever wanted to buzz my head it would look both great and natural. Lastly, are my immediate post op photos. Here you can see the graft placement in detail. Most of the emphasis was to cover my zone 4 and very little amount of grafts were used just to touch up little parts of my hairline. Overall, an amazing experience to say the least. Just like my first two Armani procedures. Like Dr. Armani, Dr. Baubac is in a class of his own. Both as a person, as well as a fantastic surgeon and artist. Let me know what you guys think and I will keep you updated. Best wishes!


Head shaved down (hear you can really see my past work by Amrnai nad how natural it looks)

Post op

Here is my website

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